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(Supporting Group for

the Victim of Sexual Violence

by a Junior High School Teacher

of Sapporo City)


We support Ikuko Ishida,

the victim of the sexual violence

perpetrated by a junior high school

teacher of Sapporo city.

We say "No!" to sexual violence

occurring in school.



We want to support people who have come forward to say #MeToo !
We ask for donations to raise funds for the appeal court case of the sexual violence by a junior high school teacher of Sapporo city and other supporting activities related to this case.

Message from Ikuko Ishida

I was sexually abused from the age of

15 to 19 by a teacher whom I trusted.

Long after I became an adult,

I realized that it was sexual abuse,

and developed PTSD 3 years ago.

Now I am fighting in court

against Sapporo City and the teacher.

The perpetrator is still teaching

in a public school in Sapporo.

I submitted an audio recording to the Sapporo City Board of Education proving that the perpetrator teacher admitted and apologized for his act of obscenity.

But Sapporo city still lets him keep

his position at school just

“because the teacher now denies it.”

I have filed this trial for my sake, but at the same time I dare to disclose my name with the hope of raising awareness about sex crimes in school.

I have to cut down on working hours to prepare for the trial. It also involves substantial costs, such as doctor's opinion report, lawyer's fee, and other expenses to pay to the court.

Hence, I am seeking donations. I would be grateful if you could give me some help. 

I became aware that it was sexual abuse 3 years ago and gradually built up the courage to take action up until now. 

Small streams make a big river.

Thank you for your support.

White Flowers


In order for children to go to school safely, it is important to make educators face up to the reality of sex crimes happening in school and to create an environment where children can easily report such case of violence.
And the perpetrator must be punished properly.
Ikuko is trying to fight until the end in order to prevent other children from suffering the same damage and to protect the ones who are currently victim of it.
We hope that this case will trigger many people to speak out against the sexual violence happening in school, and that many children and former children who have been silenced will be able to speak out.


Your donation will be used for expenses for the appeal court and other supporting activities. The total target is 800,000 JPY.

For any donation of 3000 JPY or more we would like to send you

a postcard made by Ikuko herself.

 Please send us your name and address to the e-mail address below: 




#schoolmetoo #say No! to sexual violence in school

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